- Expressing the spirit of Zen and the dark side of the West with the color "black"-


The fashion brand in Paris develops its collection based on black and minimal. This idea remains the same today, with black still the key color for many collection brands. On the other hand, the color that expresses the spirit of Zen derived from Buddhism is also black.When expressing this abyss with clothes, it may be natural that the image becomes complicated and chaotic and becomes superficial. In other words, what <JULIUS> fascinates us is nothing but the deep black chaos. Although the theme is set for each season, the draped silhouetteless mode is expressed as an unchanging aesthetic.This is not a world view that can be easily understood overnight. However, once you put your sleeves on JULIUS' clothes, you should be drawn to its unique world view and endless charm.



The whole picture of the flagship store full of chaos


A quiet area located approximately halfway between Ebisu and Daikanyama. JULIUS' flagship store is here. The dark world view expressed by the brand is perfectly expressed not only in clothes but also in environmental factors such as furniture, without changing the stance in the present age when the times change and various fashions cross over. When you open the heavy door, you would touch a kind of strange tension and memorable music spread. And the collection piece, which has a strong presence as if it were an independent individuality.

Currently, there are several shops that have collections similar to this one, but there is almost no development in APP. The items that FLK picked up this time are all the symbolic pieces of JULIUS. I would like you to experience the world view obtained at this shop at APP.


We will introduce carefully selected collection pieces that symbolize the 2021 pre SS season. The theme of the season is "Anode", which means the electrode side where external electrodes normally flow. This may imply that JULIUS' collection has a style that incorporates essence from outside this season. It can be said that the number of simple items is increasing in the brand, which has usually many complicated and chaotic designs.



74,250 JPY


74,250 JPY


Hoody with 11.5oz stretch denim and adjustable zip pants. The elastic fabric makes it easier to coordinate than you might imagine, despite its unique silhouette. The hem and knees of the pants have zips, so it is possible to wear them while changing the silhouette.



69,300 JPY


52,800 JPY


Left: A long hoody with a draped silhouette. Since the collar is doubled, it is easy to determine the impression around the neck even when not wearing the hood.
Right: Long point cocoon shirt. As it is a blended fabric of cotton and linen, it forms a shawl-like silhouette with a soft touch.

59,400 JPY


59,400 JPY


Left: Long length harness shirt. By using a harness on the body and arm, you can wear it while changing the silhouette. The material is a cotton / linen blend fabric.
Right: This is also a long-point drape neck shirt. The front is buttonless, so it creates a poncho-like mood.



52,800 JPY


44,550 JPY


Left: Box hoodie with an impact on the neck. It has a drapey collar, so the atmosphere is outstanding even if you wear it easily.
Right: A design cut-and-sew with a long arm layered on a short sleeve. The arms and hem of the short sleeve body are left uncut.

24,750 JPY


21,450 JPY


Left: Crew neck long cut and sew with embroidered pattern. The jersey material is a cotton / linen blend for a soft feel.
Right: Short-sleeved embroidered jersey cut-and-sew. The ultra-long length allows you to dress in a mood.



56,100 JPY


Left: Sweat pants with a Saruel silhouette with a fairly deep rise. The first place that creates a characteristic mood with deep pockets on both sides.
Right: Sweat pants with a slim silhouette, which is rare for the brand. Streamlined embroidery with long ribs on the ankles. 


51,150 JPY


56,100 JPY


Left: Dress trousers with a drape on the front. An outfit that brings out darkness, chaos, and mode. A masterpiece of pants with a silhouette that is typical of JULIUS.
Right: Curved dress pants made of Latine material. The silhouette drawn by the elastic material and the three-dimensional pattern is a unique expression. 

64,350 JPY


52,800 JPY


Left: Sarouel pants made of wool kersey fabric. The design is layered with leggings, so it has a sporty mode atmosphere.
Right: Regular fit sweatpants. On the contrary, it is a rare item in JULIUS, which has a relatively simple design in the brand.


There is no doubt that "creativity" is what designers who develop brands want to have. A well-honed originality that no one can imitate. This is the factor that makes JULIUS, and the reason why they can continue to develop a collection full of terrifying originality. In order to understand the meaning of this word, it may be difficult to reach the point without looking through the sleeves of JULIUS' clothes.